Core Values of Service

Core Values Of Service

Legacy III is built upon the foundation
of service work to those most in need,
and operates within the scope of:

Accountability ~ being responsible stewards of all
resources entrusted to our care, including the lives of
the women served;

Compassion ~ demonstrating empathy for others’
difficulties and providing assistance to help them
become responsible citizens of society;

Dignity ~ treating others in a manner that is consistent
with esteem, honor, and worthiness;

Integrity ~ firmly upholding the high standard of excellence
by providing quality, effective, and cost-efficient services
that benefit the greater good of mankind; and

Respect ~ demonstrating consideration, appreciation, and kindness.


Core Values of Service

Core Values of Service

Legacy III has chosen these core values because they are spiritual in nature; and, they provide a strong foundation upon which the philosophy of service work has been built.